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80% of Fans Say Online Gambling Is The Way To Go

Added: Feb. 22, 2016

This comes to us from an organization you may or may not have yet about named the American Gaming Association (AGA). For the record, the AGA is basically an association founded back in 1984 to promote as well as lobby for the gaming entertainment industry. As part of its endeavors, the AGA is known to conduct surveys from time to time to gauge consumer attitudes towards most anything online gambling related. Prior to the most recent Super Bowl 50, the AGA took the time to conduct such a survey. For readers in this space, the results may not be so surprising, but it is good info to have at any rate.

One of the first questions posed by the AGA survey queried survey participants on their attitudes regarding placing online sports bets on Super Bowl 50. Get this: a shockingly high 80% clearly expressed that they wished they could place an online sports bet on the Super Bowl game. Pay attention to that statement, you are going to see why that matters in just a bit.

Another section of the AGA survey asked about the idea of legalizing online sports betting. Ready for this one? Would you believe that no less than 65% made it clear that the answer to that question should be left it to up to the individual states to decide for themselves. When you take note of the fact that those who strongly oppose online gambling and online sports betting as well as those that pushing for full legalization of online gambling and online sports betting are both working at the federal level. Yet as the AGA survey clearly points out, that is not at all what the majority of the people want.

There’s more you will want to know. If you have been paying attention you may have noticed the American Gaming Association name suddenly pop up in the final weeks leading up to the annual Super Bowl. That is true as the AGA likes to use all of the media attention focused on the Super Bowl to make a point. The point is ridiculously easy to understand. The point is that folks, and a lot of them to be sure, place what are in effect illegal online sports bets on the Super Bowl. According to last year’s reported numbers, a staggering $3.8 Billion was spent on illegal sports bets.

Get it $3.8 Billion is a fair amount of money no matter how you look at it. By the way, that number is considered to be a conservative estimate, meaning no one knows the true dollar amount of funds tossed to illegal online sports betting sites.

Bottom line: it is well past time for state and federal officials to wake up and give the people what they want, legalized online gambling and online sports betting.