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A Glimpse Into Future Online Casinos

Added: June 20, 2016

With the pace of the ever increasing technological innovations you will not be surprised to learn that technology is about to alter online casinos. Truth be told, this new online casino technology will radically change the way you experience online casino action.

To get a better sense of just how powerful this new technology really is take a moment and consider your typical online gambling site. Whether you get there via your desktop computer or that smartphone in your pocket, in large part your experience is a bit limited. Limited in the sense that you are restricted to viewing only what the size of your screen will display.

The fact of the matter is that you can only experience the online gambling site from a 2 dimensional perspective. You can readily understand that since you in fact live in a 3 dimensional world, this significantly cuts down on the enjoyment factor. That may be why land based casinos still draw in a good number of players each and every year.

So you can see where this is headed can you not? You must have heard the tips or rumors popping up in chat rooms and forums about the promise of 3-D technology and online casino action. The more common term used in this arena is virtual reality, but you get the point. Well those rumors are actually true and the time is now, as in right now.

Get this: the first of its kind, anywhere and anyplace, real money multiple casino player virtual reality online gambling site experience will bring together online slot machine game players from two different countries at the same time. Pay attention to the fact that the virtual reality online gaming experience is made possible by Oculus Rift headsets.

The virtual reality online casino gameplay makes use of player avatars. Once the virtual reality headset is in place, the player shows up in the SlotsMillion lobby. Glancing around this virtual lobby you can spot some 40 online casino games, ranging from classic slots to the most recent 3-D slots.

Although it is true, this SlotsMillion project is but a short lived live demonstration of real money virtual casino action you don’t have to think very hard to see where this is going. Especially when you consider that quite a number of the latest smartphones out there come with virtual reality technology built in. Now the question is how long it will take online gambling sites to start offering virtual reality online casino experiences.