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Big Win For U.S. Online Gambling Market

Added: June 27, 2016

This comes from none other than the state of New Jersey. As you probably know by now, the state of New Jersey has not only been a leader in bringing online casino action to their residents, it has also been pushing the envelope to bring ever more online gambling action into the state. It goes without saying that New Jersey is now the example that quite a number of other states are attempting to model with respect to online casino action.

So what is new and exciting in the world of online casino action in New Jersey? Get this: the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE) has only just recently signed off on a deal with the GVC Holdings. You may not be aware of the fact the GVC Holdings is the parent company behind brands.

Anyway, what you need to sit up and pay close attention to is the fact that the DGE just wrapped up it’s preliminary investigation of GVC Holdings. You see, the NJDGE subjects each and every prospective online casino operator to a rather rigorous investigative process.

But there is a bit more to this story that you may be interested in learning about. Recall if you will that the DGE has strict rules about what it terms ‘black markets’ as well as ‘grey markets’. The fact of the matter is that quite a few online gambling industry analysts were not so clear that this approval was going to happen.

This initial doubt was further heightened when PartyPoker announced just a few months ago, February to be exact, that it intended to re-entering 21 of these grey/black markets that had deliberately exited prior to obtaining the initial operating license.

Understand that the way it works in New Jersey is that online casino operators can undergo a process and obtain a temporary license to set up shop and offer their online gambling services to the public while the DGE conducts its full investigation.

You have to agree that it is certainly rather interesting that the DGE gave full authority for to operate as an online casino operator despite the fact that PartyPoker (part of the GVC Holdings) re-entered those grey/black markets.

Bottom line is this: New Jersey is once again clearly showing leadership with respect to online casino action. Don’t be surprised to see other states with legal online gambling sites to take similar action.