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Civil War Part 2?

Added: May 12, 2014

That’s not too far off if you have been paying attention to the latest news coming to us from the steps of Capitol Hill in Washington. This time, representatives from New Jersey took their message straight to Washington.

In so many words, these New Jersey politicians were standing up and proclaiming that online gambling within the United States is actually a ‘state’s rights’ issue and that Congress should keep their meddling hands off.

As you already know, none other than Sheldon Adelson is waging a virtual war to completely ban all forms of online gambling in the United States. But of course, you also know that Sheldon is just protecting his own turf. Remember he is the CEO of Las Vegas Sands Corporation, a giant in the land based casino world.

In this latest skirmish, the representatives from New Jersey had a lot to say about online gambling and Sheldon’s public vow to put a stop to it. The words started flying with New Jersey Senate Majority Leader Lou Greenwald. He reminded everyone that New Jersey is one of the few examples of real leadership with regards to online gambling that this country has seen in a while, possibly forever.

Senator Greenwald went on to remind his audience that New Jersey stepped forward where few others dared to tread. The result has been the creation of an online gambling system that works. There are stringent controls on the online casino players and online casino operators are strictly licensed and regulated. Moreover, a significant portion of New Jersey residents agree that online casinos are a good thing and more and more of them are signing up every day.

Still not done with his rhetoric, Senator Greenwald pointed out that by its actions, New Jersey has actually improved an antiquated gambling system and completely upgraded it and modernized gambling to fit in with the modern era. Then, he turned the tables back on the U.S. Congress; he stated that now all of that hard work, all of those innovations are threatened by misguided politics.

In his final note, Senator Greenwald took the time to note that even now, it is the individual states that decide whether or not land based casinos can operate within their borders. In other words, the issue, at its heart is once again about states rights.

Wow! Who would have thought a modern topic like online casinos and online gambling could ignite such a controversy?