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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, What’s An Online Casino Fan To Do?

Added: Oct. 14, 2013

If you have been around the online casino or the online slot machine games world for any length of time you must have seen all the enticements to get you to join the loyalty program, become a member of the V.I.P club, that sort of thing. Yet what about the other side of the story?

What happens when its time to redeem your loyalty points? Of course, each online casino site has their own proprietary terms and conditions. That being said, the question often arises about the best method or strategy to redeem any loyalty points that have been earned.

Oftentimes you will be faced with the choice of redeeming for cash back, redeeming for comp points or even redeeming for free play. Is there a way to make sense of these choices so you feel like you made the best choice for your situation?

The answer is Yes and at the same time the answer is No. You see, there is not one definitive answer that will provide the answer for you each and every time just like there is not one best loyalty program. However, by looking at how these choices play out in the real world, you could better figure out your own situation.

Let’s take a look at a simple example to illustrate this point. Suppose, you’ve been on a big winning streak and you kept on playing and playing, all the time racking up some 5,000 loyalty points. Now what? Suppose at the online casino where you are a member and have earned these 5,000 points you are faced with a couple of choices. On one hand, you could say you want to put money in your wallet and exchange those points for $10.00 in cash. On the other hand, you could also exchange that 5,000 points for $25.00 in slot machine credits. Hmmm, that certainly makes it harder to choose doesn’t it? After all, the $25.00 is a bigger number than the $10.00. Yet, remember the $10.00 is money you could put in your pocket next week. On the other hand, the $25.00 in credits could win you the massive progressive jackpot or it could win you zero.

Can you see the quandry now? Can you see why this is a difficult choice? Obviously, at the end of the day you have to decide for yourself and there is no one right answer.