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Added: Feb. 8, 2016

That certainly looks to be the overwhelming conclusion of a new survey that was only just recently unveiled. What is this survey all about? In short, this is all about the attitudes held by those who live in the United States. As you most likely already know full well, the status of online gambling and online casino action is even now exists in a somewhat gray area. While there are states such as the forward thinking state of New Jersey who are all for online casino action, most of the other states in the U.S. are still operating from more of a wait and see attitude. Yet as you will seen right here, that sort of attitude does not really represent the views held by the general population.

Here’s what you need to know. There is a company by the name of LifeWay Research who just completed an exhaustive survey to determine what Americans really think. The findings by LifeWay Research may be a bit surprising to some of those who are against the expansion of online casino action and online gambling activities in the U.S.

First of all, who is LifeWay Research? Interestingly the company known as LifeWay Research is actually an evangelical polling group. For the record, you will find LifeWay Research headquartered in Nashville Tennessee. Here is what LifeWay Research determined with their survey.

Start with the form of online gambling known as sports betting or even daily fantasy sports betting. According to the respondents to the LifeWay Research, these sorts of online gambling activities are not in and of thmeselves morally wrong. Note that a startlingly high 64% of respondents to this survey expressed that viewpoint. Note that this sort of result is in direct contrast to those lawmakers who stand up and loudly express their views that online casino action and such should be banned on moral grounds. Obviously, the majority does not agree with that viewpoint at all.

Another interesting tidbit came out with the LifeWay Research survey. This one is about daily fantasy sports betting and whether or not daily fantasy sports betting is legal or illegal under current law. Get this: just as many said Yes as said No. Specifically that worked out to 47 percent said Yes and 46 percent said No. When you factor in that the survey analysts pointed out that the survey does have a 3.6 percent margin of error you can readily understand that it’s about an even split. In other words, nobody really knows for sure.

Your takeaway here is simple. The majority of Americans are fine with online gambling activities. If only the lawmakers would wake up and pay attention.