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Game Changer For Online Gambling?

Added: July 20, 2015

Right about the time you think you have a handle on what’s going on in the world of online casino action along comes something new and exciting. In fact, in this case it is so new and so exciting that heads are turning all over the world with this announcement. Following is what this is all about.

As you probably know, both land based and online casino sites are always on the alert for clever new ways to attract new players. If this new gambling concept proves viable and early indications are that it certainly will, this will completely revolutionize casinos and gambling action as you know it today.

In short, what is going on is that there is a brand new law only recently passed out in Nevada that sets out rules and regulations for what is being referred to as “skill based “ gambling games. Yet, this new concept has nothing at all to do with the casino games traditionally considered to be based on skills such as Poker, BlackJack and the like. No, not at all. This time, the skill based games just legalized in Nevada are more like the video arcade games. The difference is that now these new arcade style games will actually include a payout (think cash winnings) based on the skill level.

Naturally you can see where this is headed. Consider that there is an entire generation, perhaps two that grew up on the likes of XBox and Playstation. Not to mention the now ubiquitous online game apps available for mobile devices. The next logical step for casino operators, both online and land based is to create clever new games that will more appeal to them.

If you take but a second to contemplate the ramifications of this new concept, you will readily see that with this new gambling genre, the gambling market could explode. You see, the generation that grew up with Xbox and the like may or may not be so attracted to traditional casino games.

But, take the games that this group grew up with and throw in some cash money prizes based on games skills and now you have a new and eager game playing audience. Another point to consider is that this game playing generation may be more apt to take on a few rounds of their favorite Xbox game than they would to risk their hard earned money in a game of chance such as online slot machine games.

Bottom line: the new skill based gambling games could very well completely change the online (and offline) gambling space as you know it today.