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What’s Good for the Goose….

Added: July 29, 2013

You would have to been living in a remote cave up in a high mountain to have missed the tremendous growth of online casinos in just the last few years. Well, incredible everywhere except the United States, that is. You may have heard about how incredible restrictive the United States has been concerning online casinos or any type of online gambling for that matter. Up until just recently, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) essentially put a stop to any sort of online gambling in the U.S.. That’s a mouthful of a law, isn’t it? This law banned financial institutions from profiting by relationships with gambling operations.

Here’s what new. Over the last few months or so, one state after another has relaxed their statues and are slowly but surely allowing one form or another of online gambling. Actually, there seems to be a new enthusiasm from state legislatures to legalize and regulate online gambling. It started with New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada. California and Pennsylvania are also both debating the issue. Perhaps these legislatures have finally figured out the incredible revenue possibilities available to them if online gambling is allowed in their states.

All of that is fantastic news for the online casino industry. Yet, on the other side of the equation, United States land-based casinos are crying foul. Some of them are up in arms protesting loudly: “not here, no way, that’s not good for the economy, the sky is falling”. You name it; you have probably heard this kind of protest and more.

In fact, one of the top protestors coming out vehemently against legalizing online casinos in the United States is Sheldon Adelson. You may have heard his name before. He is the man behind one of the largest casino companies in the world. His casino empire, named the Las Vegas Corp. controls The Venetian and The Palazzo in Las Vegas as well as numerous other land based casinos.

Incredibly, Mr. Adelson, proclaims that quote “…a threat to society…a toxin which all good people ought to resist”. Excuse me? What just happened here? Did the CEO of one of the largest casino companies on the planet just declare that online casinos are toxic?

Well, wait a minute. How can an online casino which offers many of the same, if not more features as a land based casino be any more or less of a threat than a land based casino? Perhaps, Mr. Adelson really understands that many people actually appreciate and enjoy the convenience of not having to pick up and go somewhere to enjoy their favorite casino games.