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Hard To Ignore Online Gambling Report

Added: Dec. 12, 2016

This report comes from none other than the U.K. Gaming Commission (UKGC). This report from the (UKGC) is noteworthy because it clearly shows the reality of the direction in which gambling of all types are headed. Although the proponents of increased legal online casino action around the world may consider the report’s finding rather obvious and no big deal, those around the world who are against increased legal online gambling activities might want to take a closer look.

First, take a look at the conclusions identified in the UKGC report. In no uncertain terms, the UKGC report shows that without question that the combination of online casino action along with online sports betting activities have turned into the largest sector of U.K. gambling market. What does that mean in real money terms?

Take note that the Report shows that online gambling options accounted for no less than 33% of the total gambling revenue yield for the period under review, that of April 2015 through March 2016. In money terms, that means that the online gambling worked out to an incredible EU$4.5 Billion. Just so you understand the whole picture here, note that the brick and mortar casinos throughout the U.K. were only able to account for EU$1 Billion, the on-the-street sportsbooks accounted for EU$3.3 Billion and the the U.K. National Lottery accounted for EU$3.4 Billion.

Interestingly, this Report also provided a breakdown that showed that of the EU$2.6 Billion reported from online casino operators, an incredible EU$1.8 billion of that is attributed to online slot machine games, while another EU$1.6 billion showed up from online sports wagering action.

So what does all of this mean? If nothing else, the Report from the UKGC clearly shows where the gambling public wants to spend their time and their money. Those countries and politicians as well as brick and mortar casino operators that are not willing to see the hard to ignore truth revealed in the UKGC Report will only end up losing out in the end. Above all else, this report clearly illustrates the preferences of the gambling public.

At the same time, the Report from the UKGC also illustrates once again that in many respects, the U.K. is a hard to ignore example of how to do legal online casinos and online gambling activities the right way. Perhaps this Report will prompt further action for increased legal online casino action in the near future.