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How About A New Twist For Online Casino Action?

Added: May 26, 2014

Have you heard the latest news coming to us from Sweden, of all places? It turns out that a new and innovative online casino company is releasing a online casino option that some would call a game changer. Noting that many online casinos are starting to look and feel the same, the founder of this new company, Georg Westin, chose a entirely new approach through his company, Casino Saga.

Casino Saga decided to focus on providing online casino players with a more exciting experience. To do this, Casino Saga was built from the ground up with an embedded story line. And not just any story line, mind you. Think something more of the role-playing games that were popular in the early 1980s like Dungeons and Dragons. Georg Westin calls it the “casino of the future”. He goes on to say that Casino Saga is more in the lines of Super Mario Brothers meets online casino.

The gameplay at Casino Saga follows an exciting story line all the way through. You begin your online gameplay by choosing one of the ten different characters and land in the village named Saga Holidays. Next you are given your mission which is to take back the golden crown. According to the game, this golden crown was in fact stolen by the evil villan, or big boss “Betser”.

Here’s the exciting part. You progress through the game as you play various casino games. But check this out: each and every time you win a payout, your character gets stronger and stronger. Note that you will need this extra strength to battle the various other “bosses” you will encounter as your gameplay progresses. To make it more of a challenge, there are 40 different levels or “regions” found throughout the game. There’s more. If and when you actually beat a “boss”, you will be awarded with extra cash prized, extra spins and more. Finally, as your gameplay continues you will find you can also unlock funny Saga Edition Games.

As you can see, Casino Saga is coming out in the online casino world with an entirely new approach to online casino play. No more of the same old same old here. At Casino Saga you are on a quest and the more you play the more you want to play.