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Kudos To The Online Gambling Sites

Added: Feb. 15, 2016

If you are one of the growing number of fans of online casino action and online gambling sites you will certainly appreciate what this article has to say about online casinos. In this case, this is more about a side to side comparison of online casino sites and land based casinos in the State of New Jersey. That being said, what has only just recently been revealed from the state of New Jersey applies equally well to other states with online casino action and even beyond.

The short answer is that the online casino sites in the state of New Jersey are by most measures doing a vastly superior job of protecting consumers. You may recall that online gambling is a relatively new thing in New Jersey only coming on line back in 2013. Yet over that two year time span when it is fair to assume that all eyes were on how this would play out, the fact of the matter is that as group the online casinos in New Jersey have a near perfect record.

You don’t have to think back so far to remember that when online casino action was first being proposed in New Jersey there all sorts of pundits who stood up and warned of online gambling by minors, by problem gamblers getting in over their heads with quick and easy access to an online casino. Yet the truth as seen even now paints a far different picture indeed.

Consider that as of this writing, in the state of New Jersey there have been zero documented cases of underage gambling in any of the state’s licensed online casinos. In addition, there have been none, as in zero documented cases of a self-excluded player (those with a gambling problem who choose to limit their own access) gaining access to a licensed online gambling site in New Jersey.

On the other hand, look at what is going on with land based casinos in the state of New Jersey. According to the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, land based casinos have received fines and penalties for underage gambling and self excluded gambling violations.

Naturally this bodes well for the online casino industry and not just in New Jersey. Perhaps understanding that all eyes were upon them when they first setup these online casino sites, the online casino operators and the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement took the time to ensure that such violations would be a rarity for online casinos.