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Loyalty Bonus Done Right?

Added: Nov. 11, 2013

You must decide for yourself of course, but you may well want to pay attention to the latest news from Europe. Apparently one of the leading online casinos in Europe has been paying attention to what many online casino players have been griping about for years, loyalty programs that just don’t seem to worth the trouble.

You may have had the same complaint. Actually, this complaint seems pretty widespread. You see many online casinos hyping up the value of their loyalty programs. You fall for it and then what happens? You try to redeem or cash out of some or all of your loyalty points and suddenly its like you and your online casinos are on different planets speaking different languages. You may end up sending dozens of emails to support or customer service representatives in a desperate attempt to redeem your loyalty points. Finally, after a frustrating ordeal, you finally break through and are able to get some of your loyalty points back. Note the word ‘some’. At this point, quite a few online casino players discover to their dismay that they can’t cash out of all of their loyalty points without jumping over more hurdles. No wonder many just give up on their loyalty points.

Fortunately, one smart online casino is working to turn this around. William Hill, one of the largest and most successful online casinos to be found in Europe recently announced an innovative new loyalty bonus program. This new program reportedly will guarantee that any player at a William Hill casino can take home about E3,500 in monthly bonuses.

The best part with this new bonus program is that the online casino player is not forced to swim upstream to collect his loyalty bonus. Actually, the way this program works is that your bonus is immediately credited to your account (after your initial deposit has cleared of course). Now you do need to recognize that the size of your loyalty bonus will necessarily be based on the amount of your deposit. But still, getting an immediate credit to your account is a much easier proces, you don’t have to do anything extra, it’s automatic.

Representatives from William Hill report that the minimum deposit to participate in this program is a mere E35. Even better, according to William Hill, you get a 20% loyalty bonus each and every month up to E175 for every deposit you make, regardless of how many deposits you make. In other words, the more you deposit (up to the limits) the bigger your loyalty bonus.