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New High For Monthly Online Casino Revenue

Added: Feb. 1, 2016

The most recent results reported from the state of New Jersey with respect to the previous month’s online gambling revenue is a clear sign. A clear sign that demonstrates without a doubt that online casinos and online gambling is here to say. You see, despite the naysayers and those that are working behind the scenes to curtail online gambling activities, the reality is that online gambling revenue is on the rise. So much so that the recent news release from New Jersey is sure to capture attention from both opponents and proponents of online gambling all over the United States.

Remember that the state of New Jersey is in one sense of the word, a pioneer in the online gambling arena in the United States. Despite the fact that online gambling and more specifically online casino action is somewhat of a gray area in the United States, New Jersey went ahead anyway and setup online casinos and online gambling for their residents. You may well recall that in large part this was led by the proactive my way or the highway governor Chris Cristie.

How much revenue are we talking about here anyway? Understand these numbers come straight from the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement. The breakdown of these financial results look like this: the revenue from online casino operators licensed by the state reported revenue of $14Million in December. Note that the December results represent an increase from November of 6%. More interesting is the year to year comparison of December 2014 to December 2015. Get this: the December 2015 online casino revenue rose a staggering 30%.

But that is just the beginning of the good news about online casino revenue in New Jersey. It turns out the for the entire year of 2015, the online gambling revenue totaled out to $148.8 Million. More importantly, take note of the fact that this total reflects an impressive 21% gain over the year 2014.

As you can plainly see, the state of New Jersey is proving to the rest of the states that regulated online casino action can and does work. In other words, the naysayers or the fence sitters in the states that are only just now starting to even consider the topic can only look to New Jersey in lament that they have not taken action earlier. As you might well expect, there are a number of state budgets that certainly stand a revenue boost of the size that New Jersey just recorded.