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Next Big Thing For Online Casinos

Added: Jan. 4, 2016

You can’t help but notice that technology seems to be advancing at a furious pace as of late. With that in mind, it is instructive to pay attention to what is going on at an online casino that is boldly advancing where not so many online casino sites have dared to go, at least as of now.

How about a closer look? For the record this is all happening over at BitCasino. If you have not yet heard about BitCasino or enjoyed the online casino action at this online gambling site then read on to see what is new and exciting. Recall that there has been media attention here and there regarding alternative payment methods for online casino sites. As you probably know, depending on when and where you want to enjoy your favorite online casino you may have noticed that sometimes putting in a real money deposit and pulling our your deposit can be a daunting task. From local rules and restrictions to the outright refusal of the major credit card providers to fund online casino transactions in some countries there has long been a need for a better way.

Some see that better way in the most recent arrival on the payment methodology scene. This new arrival shows up with different names, referred to as digital currency, alternative currency, cryptocurrency and the like. You are certainly aware that the most popular of these new digital currencies is that of Bitcoin. And just in time for the new year, there is a relatively new online casino specifically setup to utilize Bitcoin payment and withdrawal technology for online casino transactions.

Hence the name BitCasino. BitCasino is specifically set up to take advantage of Bitcoin. The advantage to the online casino player is secure online gambling transactions and the anonymity associated with the use of cryptocurrency. For the record, as of now BitCasino is recommending that online casino players use the Bitcoin wallets Blockchain or Green Address. At the same time, online casino players are recommeded to buy Bitcoins at sites such as BTCXE and Local Bitcoins. So that is the setup, what else?

As an incentive to try out BitCasino, there is a new deposit bonus worth up to 400 micro Bit Coins (mBTC). Naturally a new progressive online casino such as BitCasino has quite a diverse online casino game library from which to choose. Moreover, BitCasino deliberately chose multiple online casino software development companies so that all of the best online casino games are available.

Bottom line is this: BitCasino may be the beginning of a new trend in the online gambling world. There are so many advantages to using currencies such as Bitcoins that it is hard to imagine that this will become the next big thing in the online casino industry.