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Online Casinos Threatened By Google

Added: Aug. 24, 2015

Of course you are well aware of the technology behemoth that is Google. So when Google makes a move, oftentimes there are repercussions that follow. Sort of like when the leader of the pack makes a move, pretty much everyone has to follow along.

So what is going on with Google that has online casino operators scrambling to catch up? Not all of them, mind you. But certainly enough online casino operators are affected that this new change could, at least in the short time, completely rewrite the rules on online casino site rankings.

In so many words, Google has made it known far and wide that the Google site ranking algorithm has been tweaked. Tweaked in such a way that Google includes a metric for how mobile friendly (or unfriendly) an online casino site is when establishing it’s search engine ranking.

As you probably know, the exact Google Search Ranking Algorithm is a closely guarded secret. Although clearly identifies important ranking factors, the exact weight given to each factor is still an unknown. All of that being said, when Google publicly announces such a drastic change as adding in Mobile Friendliness to its ranking algorithm it is a big deal.

Interestingly, right along with this announcement, Google also revealed a quick and easy way to determine whether or not an online casino is in fact mobile friendly. In simple terms, all you have to do is to Google the site in question from your smartphone. If you perform this simple test yourself, all you have to do is to look for a gray label to the side of your site. In this label, you should spot the words “mobile friendly”.

For those online casino operators out there that have not yet taken the steps to redesign their online casino sites to embrace the new mobile online access world, there is some serious work to do.

Now that being said, those online casinos that already have an exiting online casino player customer list will not see much of a difference. At least at first. However, unless and until those online casino operators step up to the plate and redo the site, the chances of new online casino players “finding” the site have just plummeted.

All things considered, this move by Google is nothing more than an acknowledgment of the fact that more and more online activity is being conducted on mobile devices. Why shouldn’t that be a factor for Search Engine Ranking?