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Online Gambling Foes Are At It Again

Added: Jan. 2, 2017

Perhaps this sort of thing should be expected. After all, the United States just recently completed a rather contentious election cycle. An election cycle that ended up with a President Elect few pundits foresaw. What’s this all about?

In a rather blatant attempt to make sure the President Elect supports their side, the opponents of legal online casino action in the U.S. are in no uncertain terms “at it again”. At it meaning, desperately jockeying for position if you will, in order to make their case to the President Elect that legal online casino action is not the best strategy for the new elected President.

You may well recall that only just recently a tersely worded letter signed by no less than 10 attorney generals from various states around the country was forward to the President Elect. Interestingly, this letter which was sent during the last weeks of November was sent directly to Vice President Elect Mike Pence.

To sum it up, this letter requested that the Transition Team consider the Restoration of America’s Wire Act which would have the effect of outlawing any further legal online casinos or online gambling sites as well as possibly force the shutdown and closure of existing legal online casinos such as the ones found in New Jersey In other words, the opponents of online casino action in the U.S. quickly gathered their forces and collectively communicated their position.

Yet, it was not long afterward, that the transition team for the President Elect heard from the opposite side of this issue, those that want to allow increased legal online casino action throughout the country. This time around, the efforts look to be spearheaded by U.S. Representative Dina Titus from the state of Nevada. In no uncertain terms, Representative Titus is rather strongly urging the President Elect to oppose any such efforts to ban legal online casino action. To understand just how controversial this topic is note that Representative Titus hails from Nevada. At the same time, you will want to also note that of the 10 Attorney Generals who signed the letter mentioned above, the Attorney General from Nevada was in fact one of the 10!

Are you starting to get a sense of just how controversial this topic is? No wonder both sides of this issue are already hard at it working to get their positions heard and understood. And all of this, before the President Elect is even sworn into office!