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Online Versus Land Based Casino Action

Added: June 13, 2016

As you probably know, there are a quite a number of opponents to the expansion of online casino gambling sites in the United States. One such big name online gambling opponent is none other than Sheldon Adelson, the Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation a giant land based casino enterprise. Sheldon has made quite a name for himself over the past couple of years in his attempts to thwart any federal legislation to allow national online gambling.

But get this; despite having access to some of the top advisers that money can buy, maybe, just maybe Sheldon just does not “get it”, the truth about online gambling sites and land based casinos. The fact is that the state of New Jersey has been serving as something of a proving ground for online casinos for a number of years.

Recall that the state of New Jersey enacted state legislation a few years back that authorized the setup and the subsequent regulation of online gambling sites. But here is the factor that is key to the just released insights on online casinos, the fact the New Jersey law authorizing online casino action mandated that these online casinos must be associated with land based casinos.

The effect of the mandate is that New Jersey has become somewhat of a proving ground, or test case to determine what effect, if any, online gambling sites have on land based casino activity. This real world testing ground was discussed in depth by the East Coast Gaming and iGaming Institute in Atlantic City.

Get this: Institute executives were quick to point out the real world conclusion. The conclusion that so-called Internet gambling is not in fact cannibalizing land based casinos at all. Instead, all available evidence clearly shows that the availability of online gambling sites has the exact opposite effect. That is to say, that online casinos actually deliver more players to the land based casino facilities.

Even more notable is another fact identified by the Institute. The fact that quite a number of the casino players that find their way to the land based gambling sites were new casino players. In other words, the presence of online casino action is actually expanding the casino player customer base.

Wow! Do you really understand the ramifications of that insight? Had but Sheldon knew the truth, you might well have seen him aiming his “spend any amount of money necessary “ approach to the other side of the aisle.