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Real World Evidence On Massive Jackpots

Added: Dec. 14, 2015

Certainly you are quite familiar with the idea of progressive jackpots. By all appearances it would seem that all of the best online casino sites out there have at least a few of their online slot machine games tied into progressive jackpots. In addition you have most likely noticed that a few of these progressive jackpots are tied into progressive jackpot networks so that the jackpots builds up at an astonishing rapid rate.

Yet all of that being said, unless and until you either take home your own progressive jackpot winnings or see some other online casino player walk away as a big winner you may be experiencing a bit of doubt. After all you have probably noticed that there is lot of things promised all over the Internet that just might not turn out to be true.

But recent news from the online gambling industry puts that doubt to a rest. You see, only just recently there have been some fairly substantial winnings reported from online slot machine game players from progressive jackpots. Take a look for yourself.

Here is a name you probably know. The name of the online gambling site Casino Mate, that is. If you have not yet enjoyed some of the online casino action at Casino, what you need to know is that Casino Mates has a generous selection of online slots to choose from.

More to the point, Casino Mate made headline news the last month for the number and size of some of the progressive jackpot payouts. Specifically, the online slot machine games with the names of Break Away and Adventure Palace that reportedly awarded a few lucky online casino players an additional $28,000 in progressive jackpot winnings.

But understand it is not just happening over at Casino Mate. The online gambling site Crazy Vegas also reported a $10,000 progressive jackpot winner. In this case, the online slot was named Break da Bank Again. An interesting name for an online slot to be sure. Anyway, the progressive jackpot winnings also showed up over at Maple Casino. There, an online slot machine game playing the game Centre Court walked away with a healthy $11,000 progressive jackpot prized.

As you can plainly see from the above, the idea of progressive jackpots and massive winnings is alive and well. Recent public winnings clearly show that progressive jackpots can and do pay out very well to the lucky online slot machine game player.