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Skilled Based Online Slots?

Added: May 9, 2016

You can be excused if you haven’t paid much attention to what may turn out to be game changer in the world of online gambling sites and even land based casinos for that matter. What with all of the current year election rhetoric flying back and forth at a furious pace, some news stories don’t receive as much media attention as they might in other times. Yet as you will soon discover, the current debate that is showing up in various locations around the United States with respect to so-called skill based games could have far reaching effects.

Here is what this is all about: the idea of skill based online casino games. As you probably know one rather contentious issue with respect to online gambling sites is that of whether or not daily fantasy sports betting is a skill based activity or simply another form of gambling. You must have noticed that there are widely differing viewpoints. Some states declare that daily fantasy sports betting is a gambling activity, no questions asked. Other states have taken the opposite approach, recognizing that there could actually be a skill component to daily fantasy sports betting.

So that is your backstory, the background you need to put the remainder of this article in context. What is new in the U.S. online casino world is the idea of what are being referred to as skill based online slot machine games. Unlike traditional slot machine games where there is little more than a button push and perhaps the selection of a wagered amount and the payline choices, these new skill based slots are set up more like the sort of action you would experience with video and arcade games.

You can certainly understand that if an online slot machine game does indeed sport a skill based component then it would by definition have to be classified as separate and apart from traditional online slots. And lest you think this is but idle chatter from the marketing folks at online gambling sites, think again.

Get this: the Gaming Commission in Massachusetts is on the edge or rolling out new rules and regulations that allow skill based slot machine games in land based casinos. Of course you can predict what happens next. Other states, especially those states with online casino action will rush to embrace these new skill based online slot machine games.

More importantly the new tacit endorsement of online casino games that are clearly identified as skill based could in fact change the entire online casino debate in the U.S.