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Added: Dec. 21, 2015

As you are undoubtedly well aware there has been what looks to be no holds barred ultimate fight to either end online gambling of all forms in the United States or to finally legalize online casino action. You may well remember that the most vocal opponent against the expansion of online casino action in the United States is none other than Sheldon Adelson. Yes the same Sheldon Adelson who just happens to be the CEO of the massive land based casino operations out in Las Vegas known as the Las Vegas Sands. In fact the same Sheldon Adelson who not so long ago vowed to spend any amount necessary to ban online casino action in the United States.

What is new is that all of that bluff and posturing seems to have been too little too late to have any effect. In his quest to prohibit the expansion of online gambling in the United States, Sheldon has been throwing vast amounts of money at legislators to support the Restoration of America’s Wireless Act or RAWA. All you really need to understand about RAWA is that this is a proposed Bill that would put an end to any existing online casinos in the United States as well as prohibit any new online casinos.

Unfortunately for Sheldon and those who support his position, the most recent hearing about the RAWA did not go over so well. You see the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform held a hearing for the sole purpose of taking a closer look at RAWA. Take a look at some of what went on during this hearing.

Representative Mulvaney took the time to point out how the basis for banning internet based gambling activities such as those envisioned by the language in RAWA could also very easily be used to restrict the sacrosanct 2nd Amendment rights to purchase firearms and ammunition. Mulvaney was quoted as saying: “That’s what I’m anxious about, that we’re going to go through regulation and expand the role of the federal government as opposed to limit it.” There were others who expressed much the same idea.

As you can see, this looks like the beginning of the end of Sheldon’s fight against online casino action in the United States. In no uncertain terms, the tone of the OGR committee hearing was most decidedly not in favor of RAWA or anything similar.