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The People Have Spoken, Now Bring It On

Added: Jan. 6, 2014

As you already know, the journey towards full legalization of online gambling in the United States has been a long and winding road. To add to the drama, keep in mind that the political structure in the United States is essentially a two-party system. The two parties, the Democrats and the Republicans often find themselves at opposite ends of the issues at hand.

Yet, all of the normal political bickering and nitpicking aside, it is becoming ever more clearer that the people, that is the Citizens of the United States are for online gambling.

Check this out. Overall, their research showed clearly that a whopping 65 percent of American residents support the legalization of online gambling. On the other hand, 32 percent were in favor of completely outlawing online casinos and online gambling. In other words, two out of three people support online gambling.

There’s more. When looked at more closely, the research showed some more interesting stats. Of those registered voters who classify themselves as Independents but lean towards Republican party policies, a startling 75 percent them said yes, bring it on. On the other side of the isle, of the same group of registered votes who classify themselves as Independents yet lean towards the Democratic way of doing things, 58 percent of them said no way. Not in my back yard you don’t.

Good grief, so apparently online gambling in the United States is more of a political hot potato than first appears. But wait, it gets even more interesting. The study also indicated that support for or against breaks down along educational levels. For example, registered voters who had earned college degrees were more likely to support online gambling. In fact, 73 percent of them were in favor.

Wow, no wonder it’s taking so long to settle this issue. Between the normal political bickering and the for and against back and forth between individuals of different educational background, its any wonder there is any online gambling approved at all in the United States. Only time will tell if everyone can come together and settle on a consistent policy for all.