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Winning A Jackpot From Yesterday’s Play

Added: Jan. 12, 2015

Certainly you are most likely up to speed on online slots and video slots. As you know, one of the really attractive features of online slot machine games is the whole idea of the progressive jackpot. Just to be sure everyone is on the same page here recall what a progressive jackpot is and how it works. A progressive jackpot is essentially a pileup of winnings, aka a “jackpot” for any sort of gaming machine (but most often applied to online slots). This pileup of winnings is actually increased each and every time any player plays a game. This process continues over and over until finally someone somewhere wins whatever is in the jackpot.

Now with that in mind, it is easy to understand how some of the progressive jackpots out there in the online casino world can grow to such massive sizes in what looks to be a short period of time. This is due to the fact that the progressive jackpots are actually linked so that players from other locations add to the pileup of winnings.

Yet all of that being said, one situation that many online casino players face is the disappointment experienced when someone wins a massive progressive jackpot soon after they log off. Curse words are uttered, perhaps the table is pounded a bit, that sort of thing. “Oh well” the online slots player consoles himself/herself. “The jackpot will build up again, maybe I’ll get the next one”.

Perhaps, but then again perhaps not. On the other hand, there is another path to get in on the winnings. This is happening over at a relatively new online slot machine game that is named Everybody’s Jackpot. Everybody’s Jackpot is pretty much what it sounds like. Everyone and that really does mean everyone who played Everybody’s Jackpot within the last 24 hours gets a piece of the winnings.

In other words, Everybody’s Jackpots takes care of the player frustration discussed above. So think of it like this. You enjoy the afternoon playing a couple of rounds at Everybody’s Jackpots. You do okay, you win some, you lose some but its all good. You logoff your machine and call it a night. Now, the next afternoon you log back onto to Everybody’s Jackpot and discover that while you were sleeping, the progressive jackpot was triggered and you get a piece of the action.

Wow! Who would have thought an online casino experience could deliver even while you are sleeping? You can find Everybody’s Jackpot over at Winner Casino.