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Wynn Calls Adelson A Pirate

Added: Oct. 13, 2014

Yes, that is exactly just went down at the recent Global Gaming Expo when Steve Wynn used his scheduled key note address to state his case. You know the name Steve Wynn of course. Steve Wynn was a key player in the revival of the Las Vegas Strip back in the 1990s. He and his companies refurbished existing name brand casinos as well as building new casinos. Yet all of that aside, here is the point to pay close attention to: Wynn’s casinos are in fact all land-based casinos.

Hmm, isn’t that interesting? Doesn’t that sound just like one of the strongest opponents to the expansion of online gambling in the United States? That opponent, as just about anyone who is interested in online gambling and online casinos in any way has heard about, is none other than Sheldon Adelson. Yes, the very same Sheldon Adelson who made a public vow back in 2013 to spend any amount necessary to defeat any new legislation allowing online casinos as well as outlaw the few existing online casino operators that exist today.

Recently, the president of the American Gaming Association President asked Wynn directly what his thoughts were on online gambling. Wynn was quick and to the point when queried about his position on Internet gambling in the United States. In short order, Steve Wynn made it clear he is not in favor at all.

He went on to explain that by his calculations, Wynn Resorts would need to invest upwards of $30Million to $40Million just to set up an online gambling operation. Then Wynn went on to show his support for Adelson and his campaign to roll back the law on online gambling in the United States. He was quoted as praising Adelson, calling him a “swashbuckling entrepreneur”.

Well now isn’t that fascinating? Swashbuckling entrepreneur? Really? Heads up for those of you who aren’t quite familiar with the term buccaneer. A buccaneer is a pirate. Bucanneers became famous back in the 17th Century for essentially attacking and looting Spanish Ships sailing home from the New World. In other words, Wynn is calling his friend Adelson a pirate.

Perhaps that is a more fitting term. After all, pirates want to protect their loot do they not? So Sheldon is working like mad to protect his treasure. The treasure he gets from all the Las Vegas Sands Corporation loot that is. No wonder Sheldon is willing to spend any amount necessary. He doesn’t want to lose out to the online casino world.