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Online Casinos are an exciting place for gamblers to spend their hard-earned cash while in a secure and fully licensed online environment. These entertaining gambling portals are otherwise known as internet casinos or virtual casinos and all you need to access one of these portals is a reliable computer (Windows or Mac operating systems) and a stable internet connection. To play in the real cash mode, you will need to register an account with the casino and you must 18 years old or above before you can place a real cash wager.

Some online casinos are downloadable and others are non-downloadable, but the majority today tend to give players both options. Adding funds into your casino account or withdrawing your winnings is a relatively straightforward task and players today can use a number of different secure online casino banking methods such as credit & debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. Various prepaid cards can also now be used to top up your account.

Online Casinos are the ideal place for you to have a flutter on your favourite casino games, without players ever having to leave the house. All of the online casinos that we have reviewed on this site are owned by responsible operators and they are fully licensed to offer real cash gambling services. They also happen to be powered by some of the worlds most advanced online casino software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming (RTG), Net Entertainment (NetEnt) and Sheriff Gaming. This site basically contains everything you need to know about online casinos, and more!

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Online Gambling Opposition Resurfaces

Added: Oct. 17, 2016

Incredible as it may seem, by the looks of things it hard to escape experiencing a feeling of ‘he’s back’. In this case, the HE is none other than Sheldon Adelson and the ‘he’s back’ is all about his seemingly never ending efforts to put an end to the further expansion of online casino action in the United States. You must remember that it was none other than Sheldon Adelson who publicly proclaimed that he would: “spend any amount necessary” to quash any efforts to legalize online casino action in the United States.

At the same time, you may well be aware that up until just recently the proponents of increasing online gambling action in the U.S. were breathing a collective sigh of relief. You see, each and every attempt that Sheldon had attempted had been thwarted. Yet, much to the dismay of these folks, Sheldon is at it again.

This time around, the stop further online casino action is showing in the form of a Bill being sponsored by Senator Tom Cotton. You may be familiar with Senator Tom Cotton who hails from the state of Arkansas. It turns out that Senator Cotton has just inked a new Bill know as S.3376. But here’s where it gets really interesting.

Are you ready for this one? Bill S.3376 is worded in such a way that you could say that it is not such an original piece of legislation at all. No, not at all ...

Yet Another Land Based Casino Goes Online

Added: Oct. 10, 2016

If you have been paying attention as of late you already know that the state of New Jersey is in no uncertain terms an outstanding online gambling casino success story. From its first forays into the world of online gambling sites back in 2013, New Jersey has taken a rather bold position with respect to offering up legal online casino action to its residents.

Keep in mind that one facet of the New Jersey law that allows for legal online casino action contains a mandate that any online gambling site offering its service to New Jersey residents must have some sort of relationship with existing land based casino gambling sites. Over the past few years, an increasing number of New Jersey brick and mortar casinos have slowly been migrating over to the online casino world.

The latest land based casino to announce such a move is none other than SugarHouse Casino. Pay attention to the fact that SugarHouse Casino only recently opened its doors back in 2010. In addition, it is rather interesting to note that SugarHouse Casino also just completed a rather sizable, as in $164 Million expansion of its casino facilities in New Jersey.

But more to the point of this article, SugarHouse Casino also just launched an online casino that is called As you might well expect, the online gambling site is necessarily tied into the land based SugarHouse Casino.

For the record, will be operated by none other than Rush ...

Largest Online Gambling Market In The World?

Added: Oct. 3, 2016

That is exactly what quite a few online gambling industry pundits are proclaiming. Here is what this is all about. As you know full well, there are a couple of factors that are showing up at the same time that prompt this sort of discussion. On one hand, you can’t escape the fact that the United States is in the midst of an extremely contentious election cycle. At the same time, there is increased interest in legalized online gambling from the residents of numerous states. Meanwhile there are more than a few state governments that are eyeballing a rather sizable budget gap and desperately seeking ways to bridge the gap.

All of this factors combined have finally prompted frank conversations on the pros and cons of expanding legal gambling throughout the United States. With that in mind, it is helpful to take a good hard look at a new report from Gambling Compliance. If you are not so familiar with the name Gambling Compliance, suffice it to say that Gambling Compliance has established quite the reputation as a research services provider for independent political and market information with a deciding focus on the gambling industry. In other words, when a new research report is announced from Gambling Compliance, industry insiders and those with an interest in worldwide gambling trends eagerly rush to access the new report.

Here’s the latest from Gambling Compliance and why this new report is actually delivered at what looks to be the optimum timing ...

Will Local Politics Kill Momentum For Online Gambling Legalization?

Added: Sept. 26, 2016

This being the season of politics at both the federal and state levels, perhaps it is not so surprising to learn that what looked to be a sure thing only a few short months ago now looks to be on the edge of failing. And worse still, failing not so much for vehement opposition from one side or the other but from a lack of action.

This is all taking place in the state of California. You might well recall that California was taking decisive steps to legalize online poker. Truth be told, for a good part of this legislative session all signs seemed to point to a fairly straightforward passage all the way through. Alas, not so much.

Here’s what is going on. It turns out that there are a number of disagreements between the various tribes in the state of California. These tribes cannot seem to arrive at a common agreement amongst themselves. Here is a brief overview of the dispute. There are a few tribes that insist that ONLY they should have the ability to offer online poker gaming. Representatives from these tribes are quick to point to their Class III gaming compact. This gaming compact would seem to give these tribes exclusive right to such online casino games.

Yet another point of contention is that a few of the California tribes are insisting that any online poker legislation must include so-called ‘bad actor’ language. As it stands now, if this language is included, the consequence ...

New Online Gambling Business Model

Added: Sept. 19, 2016

Chances are you have noticed that as of late, the online gambling market is getting rather crowded. So much so that the incredible amount of competition in the online gambling industry is triggering some rather radical thinking about the best ways to operate as an online gambling site. You can see a terrific example of this with a new online gambling site.

This just launched online gambling site is named Black Type Bet. For the record, Black Type Bet is more of an online sports book than anything else. All the same, pay close attention to what is going on at Black Type Bet as it may well prompt changes in other online gambling sites. Following is what this is all about.

You see, Black Type Bet is making a promise right from the get go. This promise says that Black Type Bet will not in fact ban or cancel or even restrict your account if you turn out to be more of a winning sort of online casino player. Although the very idea of a sports betting site refusing to let you play may sound rather odd, it actually happens much more frequently than you might have guessed.

As you may know, one common practice in the online sports betting world is to cancel or restrict the accounts of online casino players who “win too much”. Thus you can readily see that the position taken by Black Type Bet is a rather refreshing approach and is sure to be ...

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