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Online Casinos are an exciting place for gamblers to spend their hard-earned cash while in a secure and fully licensed online environment. These entertaining gambling portals are otherwise known as internet casinos or virtual casinos and all you need to access one of these portals is a reliable computer (Windows or Mac operating systems) and a stable internet connection. To play in the real cash mode, you will need to register an account with the casino and you must 18 years old or above before you can place a real cash wager.

Some online casinos are downloadable and others are non-downloadable, but the majority today tend to give players both options. Adding funds into your casino account or withdrawing your winnings is a relatively straightforward task and players today can use a number of different secure online casino banking methods such as credit & debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. Various prepaid cards can also now be used to top up your account.

Online Casinos are the ideal place for you to have a flutter on your favourite casino games, without players ever having to leave the house. All of the online casinos that we have reviewed on this site are owned by responsible operators and they are fully licensed to offer real cash gambling services. They also happen to be powered by some of the worlds most advanced online casino software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming (RTG), Net Entertainment (NetEnt) and Sheriff Gaming. This site basically contains everything you need to know about online casinos, and more!

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Should Online Gambling Sites Offer Cashback?

Added: March 23, 2015

Seriously, think about it for even a little bit and you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering why not? Why not, indeed? Oddly enough, you don’t have to look very far in traditional and even online retail markets to find some sort of cash back promotions. Yet online casinos and online gambling or sports betting sites in general? Not so much.

Yet that may be about to change. At least if Gambling Deals has anything to say about the matter. Spotting an opportunity that is just waiting for someone to notice and grab ahold of, the founder of Gambling Deals is working to do just that. Bring cash rewards programs to the online casino industry, that is.

In a recent interview conducted by Sports Betting News, Simon Hilton, the founder of Gambling Deals discussed this opportunity and what his company is doing to bring this about. Simon explained the basics of Gambling Deals and what it means to the online casino player.

Basically it works by having the online casino player setup an account at Gambling Deals. This setup incurs no charge as the platform is setup as a Free to use basis. Once setup, then the player clicks on one of the registered partners on the Gambling Deals site. Then this online casino player is eligible to receive up to 20% cash back on their losing bets.

According to Hilton, the technology behind Gambling Deals communicates to the partner online gambling sites on a daily basis ...

Adding Automatic 25% To Your Bankroll

Added: March 16, 2015

You may have seen the online casino site that goes by the name of BETAT. BETAT has established itself as one of the go to online casino sites out there. In large part this is due to BETAT’s choice game selections. These are considered by many in the online gambling world to be groundbreaking video slots. Get this: BETAT did not settle for simply choosing one online casino game software development company and calling it a day.

No indeed, BETAT took the extra time and effort to bring in the best video slot machine games from both Microgaming and NetEntertainment. As you know, Microgaming and NetEnertainment have designed some of the most popular online casino games to be found anywhere. Think online slots such as Jurassic Park and Aliens just to drop a few names.

But that is just the beginning of the story of why you will want to take the time to stop by BETAT soon. You see, the team behind BETAT recognized that will all of the negative attention on hacking and cyber theft lately, they had to do something to make their online casino players feel at ease.

Here is what they came up with. Understanding that there are in fact safe banking and deposit methods out there that online casino players already know and trust, BETAT decided that they want to promote these safe banking methods. These methods are Neteller, Ukash, Skrill, Skril 1-Tap, EcoCard, paysafecard and WebMoney.

Remember that each of the above ...

Another New Online Casino For New Jersey

Added: March 9, 2015

This just in. Another new online casino was just given the final Okay to begin operations in New Jersey. If you have been following along with the goings on in the online casino industry you already know that the state of New Jersey has been at the forefont of online casinos and online gambling in the United States.

Here is what this is all about. From the city of Altantic City, an existing land based casino with the name Atlantic City’s Resort Casino Hotel just received the approval they had been seeking for quite some time. The last hurdle along the way was only just recently cleared and the Division of Gaming Enforcement signaled that it’s a go. The way this works is that Resorts Casino Hotel will begin with what is referred to as the Beta version of the online casino site.

This beta testing will take place over five days and will allow selected participants to win and lose real money games. During this real money proving period, both Resorts Casino and Division of Gaming Enforcement officials will be closely watching to make sure everything is working as it is supposed to be. At the end of the five day beta final proving test, Resorts Casino will have full authority to conduct online casino operations.

Interestingly, with this latest approval by the Division of Gaming Enforcement, New Jersey can now proudly boast that six of of its eight land based casinos also have an associated online ...

Chaos And Turmoil For European Online Gaming Industry

Added: March 2, 2015

At least that is what it looks like at first glance. Yet, if you take just a moment to examine this situation a bit closer, you may well conclude this is actually exactly what the online gambling industry really needs after all.

First; what is going on here? In the off chance you missed the headline news that flashed across the bottom of your screen, this is all about new rules that are suddenly hitting online gambling operators in and around Europe. Although, truth be told, this should not really be such a surprise. After all, each and everyone of these new rules was announced well in advance.

The first sign of this supposed turmoil came about when the site publicly announced that the impending deal (a takeover by none other than the giant firm William Hill, PLC) was over and done with. Although the breakdown of this deal was blamed on price issues with a key shareholder, outsiders are pointing more towards the impending regulations


For example, over in the U.K., the government is for the first time ever imposing mandatory licensing requirements on online gambling operators. In addition, there is a new British tax specifically targeted at online gambling operators. In this case, the British tax will be assessed against all revenues arising from the U.K. regardless of where the online gambling operator is headquartered.

But that is just the beginning of this situation. Effective January 1st of this year, there is a new ...

Renewed Push For Online Gambling In U.S.

Added: Feb. 23, 2015

This time, the action is showing up in the halls of the state legislature of Minnesota. Yes, Minnesota, not exactly the hotbed of online gambling or sports betting activity. All the same, a forward thinking state Representative is coming on strong and making a stand for her cause, a change in the law that she believes is way past due to be approved.

Here is what this all about. The state legislator who is making this stand is none other than State Representative Phyliss Kahn. If you do not hail from the state of Minnesota you may not be so familiar with her name. Suffice it to say that Representative Kahn, who has been in office quite a while, as far back as 1973 to be exact, is not just some ordinary politician. No indeed. It turns out that Kahn is not afraid to take on a controversial issue. Despite what her critics may say, Kahn is not afraid to put up a fight for a cause she believes in.

This time around, Kahn has introduced a new bill that aims to legalize sports betting throughout Minnesota. Now truth be told, Kahn admits candidly she is none too hopeful. This stance is most likely due to her past experience introducing this sort of legislation. You see, Representative Kahn introduced a similar bill just last year only to watch it wither and die.

However, on this go around through the legislative process, Kahn is crossing her fingers and hoping for the ...

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