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Online Casinos are an exciting place for gamblers to spend their hard-earned cash while in a secure and fully licensed online environment. These entertaining gambling portals are otherwise known as internet casinos or virtual casinos and all you need to access one of these portals is a reliable computer (Windows or Mac operating systems) and a stable internet connection. To play in the real cash mode, you will need to register an account with the casino and you must 18 years old or above before you can place a real cash wager.

Some online casinos are downloadable and others are non-downloadable, but the majority today tend to give players both options. Adding funds into your casino account or withdrawing your winnings is a relatively straightforward task and players today can use a number of different secure online casino banking methods such as credit & debit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers. Various prepaid cards can also now be used to top up your account.

Online Casinos are the ideal place for you to have a flutter on your favourite casino games, without players ever having to leave the house. All of the online casinos that we have reviewed on this site are owned by responsible operators and they are fully licensed to offer real cash gambling services. They also happen to be powered by some of the worlds most advanced online casino software providers such as Playtech, Microgaming, Realtime Gaming (RTG), Net Entertainment (NetEnt) and Sheriff Gaming. This site basically contains everything you need to know about online casinos, and more!

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Online Gambling Talk Of The Town

Added: Feb. 20, 2017

Truth be told, there looks to be a newfound interest in online gambling action all across the country. And not just from the online casino players themselves. No indeed. Instead, right about now when state legislatures are reconvening for new sessions there are some rather hot items on many legislative agendas.

Get this, not only are there planned sessions to debate the merits of the legalization of daily fantasy sports betting in its many forms, there is also a rather sizable interest being expressed with respect to the legalization of online sports betting.

First, a quick review of the successes from the past year. Are you aware of the fact that no less than 33 states engaged in active debates around the topic of daily fantasy sports (DFS)? Incredibly, of those 33 states, even in the midst of a contentious election year like none other in recent memory there were no less than 8 states that enacted daily fantasy sports legislation.

vNow that the new year has arrived and legislators are back to work, there are already another eight states looking to enact similar legalization measures. Those states included Florida, Indiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, and Washington. There’s more.

vQuite a number of industry observers in the know fully expect both Pennsylvania and Ohio. As you might expect, these two states have sizable populations and the daily fantasy sports (DFS) industry is eagerly anticipating new sports betting fans.

vMeanwhile, the online gambling state that has become the defacto ...

Election Results In New Interest In Gambling

Added: Feb. 13, 2017

Get this, in a state that is not exactly the hotbed of gambling or casino action by any stretch of the imagination, there looks to be a new attitude towards gambling. That state is none other than South Carolina. As of this writing, the only gambling action to speak of in the entire state are two boats that are based in the world famous Myrtle Beach area. For the record, take note of the fact that these two gambling boats which do in fact offer a full bevy of Las Vegas style casino games, must first traverse a three mile journey to anchor in International Waters.

As you might well imagine, while that sort of thing may have been acceptable some years ago, the reality is that the casino or gambling fan of today most likely does not want to have to bother to embark on an entire day journey just for some casino action. Naturally, there has been a push as of late to update the South Carolina laws on the books to better reflect the reality of gambling in the modern era.

That’s where the most recent election comes into play. Love him, hate him, or just wait and see the fact of the matter is the newly elected President Trump is widely expect to disrupt quite a number of long held practices throughout the country. More to the point, since in fact President Trump already knows quite about gambling and casino action in its many forms ...

Could There Be A New Leader In Legal Casino Action In The U.S?

Added: Feb. 6, 2017

It turns out that quite a number of in the know online gambling industry observers are keeping a rather close eye on the state of New York. Why so, what is going on in New York with respect to online gambling? With all of the media noise and attention on the election that surprised quite a number of supposed experts you might have missed the stories on what is happening in New York.

Following is what you should know. New York may in fact be the next state to go all the way, to legalize online casino action and online gambling in general. Perhaps you already know that towards the end of last year, New York proudly swung open the doors to the first traditional (as in brick and mortar) casino in Tioga Downs. This casino is notable for the hard to overlook fact that it has no relationship at all with any sort of tribal casino.

In other words, New York legislators took the previously considered impossible step of authorizing a casino that has nothing to do with the traditional tribal casino. Pay close attention to the fact that this rather bold step by the New York legislature effectively ended a long standing tribal monopoly for casinos and gambling sites.

For the record, this sort of action was first authorized back in the year when 2013 when New York state voters clearly expressed their intention to set up four additional gambling sites. Interestingly, even though Tioga Downs was the ...

Highly Recognized Online Gambling Proponent Weighs In

Added: Jan. 30, 2017

If you have bee n watching the online gambling industry in the United States for the last couple of years you cannot have missed coming across the name Chris Christie. Yes Chris Christie, the quite vocal governor of the state of New Jersey who helped usher in legal online casino action for New Jersey residents back in 2013. The same Chris Christie that has turned the state of New Jersey into what quite a number of observers see as a model for other states contemplating legalizing online gambling for their residents. The point of all of the above is to illustrate when Chris Christie speaks out publicly on anything to do with online gambling sites, you can rest assured that he speaks from an authority position. A position of having been there and done that.

With that in mind, you may be quite interested to learn what Chris Christie has to say with respect to online sports betting and the U.S. Supreme Court. In short, the New Jersey governor clearly wants the Court to take up consideration of the issue of sports betting. As of this writing, the Court has not indicated whether or not the case will even be considered.

At issue is a case from New Jersey horsemen along with New Jersey legislators against the NCAA and four professional sports leagues. As a bit of background, you should note that this time around, the first hurdle is to get the case put on the calendar. The uncomfortable ...

The Latest Trend In Online Gambling

Added: Jan. 23, 2017

As it turns out, there is a relatively new and fast growing trend in the online gambling world. As you are about to discover, this trend is without question a development that all proponents of legal online casino action will embrace. In short, you can reasonably expect to see a number of online gambling companies joining forces. Or to put it in more financial terms, chances are you will see a number of mergers and acquisitions in the online gambling world.

Take a moment to consider the whole idea of mergers and acquisitions and what this sort of activity really means for any industry. For one thing, as you probably know, at a time when there is a growing demand for legal online casino action, the to be expected response from legislators and gambling regulating authorities is to impose fees and taxes on these newly legal online gambling sites. From the perspective of the online gambling companies, the natural response is seek partners, to “team” up with other such companies as a strategy to effectively deal with these taxes and fees, not to mention the burdens associated with regulatory oversight.

In addition, online gambling company executives understand that the current online gambling market is highly competitive. That means that one strategy to deal with this competition is to initiate either a merger or even an outright acquisition of a competing company. This allows the new combined company to not only survive but to thrive in such an environment.

There’s ...

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