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Case Closed: Online Casino Debate Is Over

Added: May 16, 2016

Whether you are a frequent visitor to your favorite online gambling site or only hang out on occasion at an online casino or two, you must have noticed that there has been quite a bit of back and forth about whether or not online gambling sites are here to stay. On one hand you have the proponents of online gambling sites that are quick to point out all of the advantages of online casinos. At the same time, those that have taken up contrary positions argue, sometimes vehemently against any further expansion of online casinos around the world.

Thankfully, there is real evidence that should effectively end this debate once and for all. Perhaps you ran across a story about the new report from none other than Global Betting and Gaming Consultant (GBGC). In the off chance you are not so familiar with the name GBGC all you really need to know is that GBGC is a United Kingdom headquartered company with a decided focus on providing gambling consulting services, data and publications for the global gambling industry. In other words, GBGC is the ‘go to’ source for all things related to real world statistics and other metrics with respect to online casinos, online gambling sites and such.

So what is the latest from GBGC? In a word, booming. That is, GBGC clearly shows that online casino action throughout Europe is booming. What does ‘booming’ mean? Try this number on for size. How does $15.87Billion sound? That $15.87Billion number represents what is referred to as the gross gaming yield for the year 2015. In terms of growth rate, note that GBGC indicates that this gross gaming yield has grown a staggering 328 percent since 2005. Projecting forward only a few short years from now, GBGC forecasts a $21.88Billion online gambling market by the year 2020. Pretty impressive wouldn’t you say?

But what about the other side of the world, as in the United States. Actually, GBGC is fairly optimistic about the U.S. online casino market. There are hurdles to be overcome to be sure. You probably already know that as of this writing there are but three states that currently regulate online casino action.

That being said, there are a number of states that are currently taking a good hard look at the possibility of some form of online casino action in the near future. Since in fact the U.S. is in the midst of what many have termed a pivotal election cycle, you may soon see additional states bringing online casino action to their residents.

Bottom line: the debate on whether or not online casino action is here to stay has just been quashed. It is only a matter of time till online casino action becomes widely available on a legalized and regulated basis.