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Largest Online Gambling Market In The World?

Added: Oct. 3, 2016

That is exactly what quite a few online gambling industry pundits are proclaiming. Here is what this is all about. As you know full well, there are a couple of factors that are showing up at the same time that prompt this sort of discussion. On one hand, you can’t escape the fact that the United States is in the midst of an extremely contentious election cycle. At the same time, there is increased interest in legalized online gambling from the residents of numerous states. Meanwhile there are more than a few state governments that are eyeballing a rather sizable budget gap and desperately seeking ways to bridge the gap.

All of this factors combined have finally prompted frank conversations on the pros and cons of expanding legal gambling throughout the United States. With that in mind, it is helpful to take a good hard look at a new report from Gambling Compliance. If you are not so familiar with the name Gambling Compliance, suffice it to say that Gambling Compliance has established quite the reputation as a research services provider for independent political and market information with a deciding focus on the gambling industry. In other words, when a new research report is announced from Gambling Compliance, industry insiders and those with an interest in worldwide gambling trends eagerly rush to access the new report.

Here’s the latest from Gambling Compliance and why this new report is actually delivered at what looks to be the optimum timing. With the above mentioned interest in the expansion of legal online gambling in the United States in mind, take a look at a few revelations from the latest Gambling Compliance report. In short, its all about the money or the lack thereof.

More to the point, the Gambling Compliance report took a detailed look at the various efforts underway throughout the United States to legalize online sports betting in its various forms and varieties. As a side note, quite a number of online gambling proponents view legalized sports betting as the proverbial ‘foot in the door’ which will eventually fully open up full online casino action.

So what is it about the money? Try this number on for size and see if it makes a difference. Think $12Billion in additional gross gambling revenue when and if those states contemplating legal online sports betting decide to go ahead. More importantly, according to Gambling Compliance, that sort of number would make the United States the undisputed largest online gambling market in the world.