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Online Gambling: Sign Of The Times

Added: Dec. 5, 2016

Of course you have noticed what looks to be a virtual explosion of interest in all things online gambling related as of late. Yet as perhaps should be expected, right along with this newfound popularity, there are increasing numbers of attempts at fraud. Whether it is attempted fraud against the online gambling site itself or as is more commonly the case, it is attempted fraud against the online casino player, these attempts at fraud are in fact a very real concern.

Thus you can quite readily understand there is growing interest in online casino fraud protections. One such example of this sort of thing is a newly announced partnership between ComeOn and Featurespace. In case you are not yet aware of this gambling site, ComeOn Casino is an online gambling site known around the world as a leading online casino offering quite the selection of some of the best online casino games around.

Take note of the fact that ComeOn Casino is somewhat unique in that instead of the widely accepted gambling site practice of selecting one online casino software development company and stocking the casino with only those games, ComeOn took a different approach. That means that you are assured of finding only the very best casino games from a wide variety of casino game developers. Think names such as Microgaming, BetSot, NetEnt to name just a few.

All that being said, back to the issue of online casino fraud. It turns out that ComeOn Casino took a good hard look around at casino fraud prevention strategies and providers. The hard to escape conclusion that the team at ComeOn Casino reached is that the number one choice in the fraud prevention space is of course, Featurespace.

You will be quite interested to learn that Featurespace is actually the product of ground breaking work at none other than the Cambridge University Department of Engineering. More specifically, Featurespace was cofounded by world renowned Artificial Intelligence Experts Bill Fitzgerald and David Excell. What that tells you right away is that Featurespace is based on the latest research in artificial intelligence.

What that means in practice is that with this new collaboration between ComeOn and Featurespace, casino players will be protected from fraud attacks in real time without any disruption to the player’s casino experience. Note that that ComeOn Casino is one of the very first gambling sites to publicly announce such a proactive position against online casino fraud.