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Should Online Gambling Sites Offer Cashback?

Added: March 23, 2015

Seriously, think about it for even a little bit and you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering why not? Why not, indeed? Oddly enough, you don’t have to look very far in traditional and even online retail markets to find some sort of cash back promotions. Yet online casinos and online gambling or sports betting sites in general? Not so much.

Yet that may be about to change. At least if Gambling Deals has anything to say about the matter. Spotting an opportunity that is just waiting for someone to notice and grab ahold of, the founder of Gambling Deals is working to do just that. Bring cash rewards programs to the online casino industry, that is.

In a recent interview conducted by Sports Betting News, Simon Hilton, the founder of Gambling Deals discussed this opportunity and what his company is doing to bring this about. Simon explained the basics of Gambling Deals and what it means to the online casino player.

Basically it works by having the online casino player setup an account at Gambling Deals. This setup incurs no charge as the platform is setup as a Free to use basis. Once setup, then the player clicks on one of the registered partners on the Gambling Deals site. Then this online casino player is eligible to receive up to 20% cash back on their losing bets.

According to Hilton, the technology behind Gambling Deals communicates to the partner online gambling sites on a daily basis. This means players can see the cash back rewards credited to their account in no less than 24 hours. From there, this account balance is accumulated and stored up until the end of the month. Lastly, this account balance is automatically paid out to the player’s bank, PayPal or even Skrill account.

Hilton is quick to point out that even now in the early stages of its deployment, Gambling Deals has already setup partner deals with top online gambling brands. These are such widely known names such as PaddyPower, Unitbet and Betfred.

Speaking out on the attractiveness of the Gambling Deals platform, Hilton explained how it benefits both the online casino player and the online gambling operator. The online casino player gets to see all of his cash back awards in one place instead of trying to log onto various sites and figure them out. The online gambling operator will most likely see increased loyalty, as long as they are a Gambling Deals partner.

Bottom line: cashback awards are finally coming to the online casino industry. Better late than never. If this takes off, watch for more and more online casinos to embrace this sort of arrangement.