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The Heat Is On!

Added: Aug. 11, 2014

At least in the state of California, that is. As you already know, the move to legalize online gambling in the United States has been a virtual roller coaster ride over the last few years. Consider, some states such as New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have taken matters into their own hands and enacted their own versions of online casinos. Other states such as Pennsylvania and California (as well as others) are actively debating the topic in State legislature sessions.

And that’s what this new update is all about. You may recall that around 13 registered Indian tribes (sometimes referred to as native Americans) have banded together to create their own online gambling operations. At the same time, their is a concerted effort on the part of some politicians to squash this move to legalize online gambling of any form.

Consider the latest outburst from Senator Dianne Feinstein from California. Be aware that Senator Feinstein has made quite the name for herself over the years by supporting what some refer to as the more liberal agenda. That being said, her most recent announcement is in some ways a bit puzzling.

Here is what just happened. In a tersely worded letter to none other than the United States Attorney General, the Honorable Eric Holder, the Senator urged him to call a halt to the expansion of online gambling operations throughout the country. Note that the Senator was not the sole author of this letter.

No indeed. It turns out that Senator Feinstein is joined by two other Senators; namely Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Senator Kelly Ayotte from New Hampshire. Quick question: do any of those names sound familiar to you?

If you said Senator Lindsey Graham you are exactly right. Recall that Senator Graham graciously accepted a, shall we say, generous political contribution from the notorious Sheldon Adelson. Yes, the exact same Sheldon Adelson who publicly vowed to spend any amount necessary to prohibit online gambling throughout the United States.

Well well well. Now it’s all starting to add up, is it not? Adelson is determined to outlaw all things online gambling related. The state of California is actively debating online casinos. And now you have Senator Feinstein playing along with Senator Graham. It’s simple to see it when it’s laid out this way. This is only ever about following the money trail.

How will this turn out? Will Adelson end up outspending the proponents of online gambling to get what he wants?