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They’re Back, Anti Online Gambling Opponents That Is

Added: Dec. 26, 2016

By this point in time, this back and forth drama concerning online gambling sites and online casino is in many respects starting to look like something from a Hollywood movie. In this case, think something like the movie Terminator in which the foe kept showing up to thwart the hero.

That is pretty much the same theme that is now it’s appearance in the United States. This time around, the anti online casino effort is showing up in the form of a very official looking letter sent to the new Vice President Elect Mike Pence along with the Trump transition team. For the record, this letter bears the signatures of no less than 10 state attorney generals from various states around the country.

Get this: the letter is rather bold in the requests (implicit demands?). This inflammatory letter asks that the new President and team essentially override the 2011 Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel opinion. Check out some of the language in this letter that can only be labeled brazen at best to get a sense of what this is all about. Here is a brief section of the letter for you to examine for yourself: “In the dark of night on Christmas 2011, the Obama administration overruled 50 years of practice and precedent when a Department of Justice Office of Legal Counsel opinion claimed the Wire Act only applied to Sports Betting”. Wow! Talk about accusatory and inflammatory.

Recall that this 2011 clearly stated the the 1961 Wire Act only applied to sports betting and not to other forms of so-called online gambling activities. You already know the results of that 2011 Justice Department opinion. Not so long afterward, forward thinking governors such as the take no prisoners Chris Cristie of New Jersey took matters into his own hands and brought legal online casino action to residents of his state.

So now we have a newly elected President and anyone and everyone is desperately attempting to weigh in on the issue of legal online casino action in the United States. One would certainly hope that the new President and team are intelligent enough to see past the sort of ridiculous sounding rhetoric scattered throughout this letter. Since in fact, Trump hails from the business world and is not from the political elite crowd, it is reasonable to expect the newly installed Government to choose the best for the country.